The right place for creative people who love to build skills to make paintings they are proud of.

Building skills is the best way to make paintings you are proud of, it's fun and it's easy and it's just one click away.

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Learn to paint and create ... even if you think you can't draw.

Starting to paint is one of the best things you can decide to do. It's calming, beautiful and improves your mind.

Save time, save money and put your creativity first!

"At Last... Me Time''

You may have already tried following along with free tutorials on YouTube only to end up discouraged because your painting looks nothing like the one on the video.

No matter how many hours of video you follow, if you aren’t building skills, you are wasting your time. And the worst part is that following the wrong tutorial could damage your creativity!

If you don’t ever build your art skills, you will never know what amazing paintings you could be making and enjoying. Not to mention the joy that selling or gifting a painting brings to other people.

What’s worse is - if you don’t build the right skills at the right time you will be discouraged from becoming the artist you can be.

START investing in your creativity now! You're going to have the absolute BEST time creating YOU!


What our students are saying...


"Annamarie systematically covers skills that she knows you will need" Anne

The skills of the Artist vary from brilliant to people like me who sometimes struggle to draw a circle! Penny

I'm very new to watercolour (or any sort of drawing or painting).  I've been trying to "teach" myself how to paint through the powers of Google. There is lots to find (some good, some not so good) but Annamarie have got to say, your videos are the first I've found that consistently properly break down the skills in an understandable way and in a way that means I can apply them to my own ideas. I'm just so excited that, contrary to comments from art teachers at school, this is actually something I can get better at! Premlata


I have over 20 years experience of teaching and many more years as a practicing artist. I gratuated with a Bachelors Degree in Fine Art and a Masters in Education. Now I run a successful, fun, inspiring art business.

My artwork has been exhibited in Australia, Singapore and the United Kingdom.

Importantly, I'm a passionate believer that art is a skill that can be learnt, I can guide you through the techniques and mindsets that you need to fully thrive as an artist.  ‘Creativity is good for your soul’ and every day should be a creative one! 

In all my years creating and teaching I've NEVER had anyone say to me 'I wish I had painted less!'

It's simply the best thing you can do for your creative soul.