Mindful Watercolour

Get your own Mindful painting guide.

Grab 4 uniquely designed mindful painting activities. Trace the beautiful image onto your watercolour paper and then watch the demonstration video to complete your painting. Each outline also has a full colour image that you can copy or find inspiration from.

No matter what your skill level, these mindful painting outlines and demonstrations will have you feeling joyful in no time. Each botanical image has been purposefully chosen to inspire you and bring you hours of relaxation and creative well being.

These mindfulness painting pages encourage you to spend some time putting paint on the page without the worry of finding an image to paint. There is no “right or wrong” when you are painting - it is just about you taking some time out of your busy day to put paint on paper.

The online mindful paintings will be available for you to access immediately. You will receive an email with all the instructions you need to access your demonstrations and downloads.

[Pricing includes UK VAT]

£17.00 GBP