Paint Your First Watercolour Even If You Think You Can't Draw

Have you always wanted to paint?

Have you put off starting because you don't have any "natural talent"?

Have you tried before but ended up making mud and throwing it in the bin?

Do you find books hard to follow because you can't see what the instructor is doing?

Check this out... a watercolour workshop designed just for beginner artists like you.

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Take Some "Me-Creative-Time"

Here's a colorful nugget of wisdom: dedicating regular time to painting isn't just about creating art‚ÄĒit's also a secret pathway to boosting your happiness levels!

Yes, you heard it right. By immersing yourself in the world of paintbrushes and palettes on a consistent basis, you're not only creating paintings you can be proud of, but also stirring up a delightful concoction of joy and fulfillment.

So why wait? Grab your paints, unleash your creativity, and let happiness flow onto the paper!"

Imagine one hour from now, you could have an amazing, fun, colourful artwork to hang on your wall.


Most Popular


"Beautiful Hanging Basket"

Can't draw?

Never used watercolour before?

Get the 3 essential skills you need to get started with watercolour.

Discover how to use your watercolour paints for the first time.

Play with colour and shapes.

Join Annamarie for step by step instruction on how to create a beautiful painting.

Reference image, outline and guidance provided.

Get immediate access to watch now.

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"Trio Of Beach Huts"

Can you use a ruler and a pencil to draw a line?

That's all the "talent" you need to make this fabulous beach hut painting. 

Join Annamarie for a step by step demonstration and paint your first watercolour.

Reference image, outline and guidance provided.

Paint along with the recording now.

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"Mystical Blue Door"

 Looking for a new creative hobby?

Always wanted to try watercolour but been told it's too hard for beginners?

Join Annamarie for a step by step demonstration following her unique "Creativity Lens Methodology" and you will have your first watercolour finished in just a few hours. 

Reference image, outline and guidance provided.

Watch Immediately.

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Each Watercolour Taster Workshop will introduce you to watercolour the fun and friendly way.

Each lesson will help you understand a new skill which you will be able to use time and time again in your creative practice.


Can't draw? No problem! Get started fast - trace the outline to your page.

Looking for new art supplies? With each lesson we recommend our favourite colours to help you expand your palette.


Something ALWAYS pops up!

Don't worry, we've got you covered.

If for any reason you get interrupted, you have lifetime access to lesson recording.

That means you can paint along any time AND as many times as you want.

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